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News and thoughts from Croydon Town Hall

‘Ambitious for Croydon’

Councillor Tony Newman

Leader of Croydon Council

My Labour colleagues and I set out a detailed and creative manifesto promise prior to our being elected to run Croydon Council. Now it’s time for us to deliver on our promises, and that’s exactly what we are already doing.

As the new Council Leader I have a pivotal role to play in guiding Croydon through an exciting period of investment and regeneration. Several major construction projects are already underway in the town. These will lead to more opportunities emerging for further schemes to be put in place across the borough as we set about regenerating all our district centres and the town centre.

I relish working for a borough which is diverse in every sense of the word. A journey from Upper Norwood to Coulsdon takes you through every imaginable type of urban and suburban community. We are home to a vast array of nationalities and our schools buzz with languages from around the world. This is a huge strength – but also a challenge as it is part of my task to deliver services which meet the needs of so many people from so many different backgrounds.

A big part of this challenge is the need for more jobs and more and better housing. For Croydon our big regeneration projects provide a great foundation for delivering on these ambitions – and the council’s role is to ensure jobs are sustainable and fairly-paid and that homes are of good quality and affordable for local people.

Above all, and running through everything we do, we promised a new era of transparency.

Open local government is central to our belief that local people deserve to have free access to all of the information and decisions which affect their lives.

This blog is a part of that process, and I will be sharing my frank and honest thoughts with you on a regular basis.

I welcome feedback and I hope you find this useful.

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